Master Cleanse diet

The Master Cleanse is a diet plan that includes a 10 day cleanse then works into an all raw food diet. This was designed by Peter Glickman and has been endorsed by both medical doctors and laymen alike. The 10 day cleanse is done by drinking a concoction that is made up of lemon or lime juice, organic maple syrup, spring or distilled water, and cayenne pepper.

This drink is the only thing that is ingested for 10 days allowing the body to cleanse or detox itself of all the toxins and plaque that it has ingested over the years. We are told that we are constantly ingesting, breathing, and touching toxins and pollutants that are attaching themselves to our intestines and our organs which turn into a cement like substance called plaque.

This plaque can cause problems with digestion and metabolism of our nutrients as well as interfering with the digestive process itself. It can slow it down or cause it to have to work harder to do what needs to be done. Therefore a cleanse would benefit anyone according to what the author of this diet tells us. The recipe for the Lemonade as the author calls it is below:

2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon. Do not use concentrate or a drink mix, as these contain preservatives.

2 tablespoons of organic or maple syrup. Again, no maple flavored syrups, they have toxins which you are trying to rid your body of.

1/10th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, more or less to taste.

This concoction is ingested for 10 days total. On the 11th day the dieter starts to incorporate small amounts of fruit juices into their diet slowly Then you slowly work your way back to fresh fruits and vegetables for two meals a day with the lemonade concoction for either the breakfast or dinner meal. The author suggests that you stay away from meats and dairy products if at all possible. Caffeine is another thing that the author states that needs to be avoided if at all possible.

Cooked vegetables are accepted after they have been introduced into the diet and the stomach and intestines have acclimated to food once again. The dieter is then instructed to eat a diet high in raw and cooked vegetables and fruits, with very limited if any meats. Dairy products should be avoided totally. If they are not, then they should be limited severely. The author states that they cause mucus production and can cause other issues such as allergy problems so he discourages eating those types of products. He states that large amounts of weight loss are possible in short amounts of time if a person adheres to his diet.

Some of the side effects or complications of this type of diet include headaches which are very common due to the fact that caffeine withdrawal is very common during the detox phase of this diet. These usually occur on the first four days of the cleanse and will usually stop after that. They can be avoided if caffeine is tapered off before starting on the cleanse. Other side effects of the diet that have been reported include being overly tired, intense cravings, physical aches and pains, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea or hot bowel movements.

Please note that this type of diet is one of the extreme types. If you suffer any type of chronic health disorder, please talk to your personal physician before starting any type of diet or program to make sure that it is safe for you to do so.