B12 Shots, Testosterone Supplements

Elite Wellness & Weigh Loss is committed to helping you look and feel your best. Our services offer effective and affordable solutions to your health and weight loss goals, while ensuring your safety under the supervision of our excellent medical team. So, it is no wonder people from Colleyville to Grapevine, Keller to North Richland Hills come to us for their weight management needs. While proper nutrition and exercise are an important part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many of our clients also benefit from B12 shots and testosterone supplements, and they are among the many services we offer here at Elite Wellness & Weight Loss.

B12 Shots

B12 is a water-soluble B complex vitamin, and is naturally found in a variety of foods including: dairy, meat and fish. Vitamin B12 is important for cell production, growth and blood formation, so deficiencies can lead to major problems. B12 is an essential supplement for people on a restricted or vegetarian diet, but it also has many benefits for those seeking to lose weight and increase their energy levels. At Elite Wellness & Weight Loss, we offer B12 shots to help boost metabolism and aid you in shedding unwanted pounds. While you can purchase Vitamin B12 at any drug store, B12 shots allow your body the best opportunity for absorption, enabling you toreap the maximum benefits. As with all supplements, we encourage our clients to continue with the diet and exercise program provided by our physicians in order to achieve optimal results.

Testosterone Supplements

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Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is important for both men and women. Testosterone is responsible for fat distribution, red blood cell production and other important cell functions. However, as we age our natural testosterone production can decline, resulting in fatigue, sleep disturbance, loss of muscle mass, loss of sexual desire, decreased bone density, hot flashes and other issues. Fortunately, these symptoms of aging are manageable, and can often be prevented. At Elite Wellness & Weight Loss we can measure your testosterone levels and administer physician supervised testosterone supplements as needed. Testosterone supplements can help reverse some of the symptoms of aging, improving sex drive, strengthening bones and muscles, improving sleep and more.