15 Simple Ways To Keep Your Sanity and Beat your Sugar cravings

Craving ideally means that your body is missing something important.

However, this is not always the case and you actually just have a sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, this fact can do massive damage in your effort to maintain a healthy body weight or lose a few extra pounds.

Highlighted below are 15 ways to beat sugar cravings for good.

1. Eat foods that are high in magnesium

One major reason that you might actually be reaching out for your favorite candy often might be that you are lacking something essential in your body.

A major reason might be that you are experiencing magnesium deficiency and hence your body is simply trying to get more.

To cut the sugar cravings down eat more of dark leafy greens, cocoa, and nuts that are high in magnesium.

2. Hide sugar from view

Ever heard the statement that if something is out of sight then it won’t cross your mind? Well, it actually works! Try hiding the sugar and sweet snacks out of your view.

Having sugary treats like cookies within reach or lying around essentially means that you have to see them every time you walk in the kitchen for a glass of water.

If you can’t completely eliminate such temptations from your house, simply store them in the highest kitchen cabinet.

This way you actually have to make an effort and work for it in order to eat it.

3. Foods high in mineral chromium

The yucky broccoli from your childhood is back to haunt you as it might just be the answer to your persistent sugar cravings.

Go ahead and include them in your diet with apples and a lot of whole grains.

As much as you dislike some of them, the chromium present in them helps regulate blood sugar and thus reduce your cravings.

4. Drink water

Drinking water is one of the most over-emphasized points that doctors and overall nutritionist go hoarse singing about over and over again.

As cliché as it might sound, drink water in order to beat sugar cravings.

As dehydration might be the cause to your craving, try drinking almost half your weight in ounces a day.

Even without considering the medical explanation, it is proven that one rarely feels the cravings after taking a glass of water.

5. Eat foods high in zinc

Another reason that you are sugar crazy might be that you are experiencing zinc deficiency or simply not taking it in the right quantities.

As zinc is needed for insulin and glucose utilization, by simply increasing your intake will reduce the need for those night time ice cream treats.

Try having healthy snacks such as eating nuts, pastured eggs, and pumpkin seeds to reduce the sugar cravings considerably.

6. Add spices to your meal

Using subtle tricks are known to be quite effective in beating sugar cravings once and for all.

Adding spice to your meals is one of the most effective ways this can happen.
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Added spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom will sweeten your food.

The good news is that apart from giving you a sweet savoury taste, it helps your body balance blood sugar level and thus helping you get rid of the cravings once and for all.

7. Schedule indulgences

A simple way that you can beat sugar cravings is to schedule your intake of the sugary stuff.

This does not mean that you go all crazy on it as control is the key.

Pick a day in the week where you allow yourself a treat.

This way you get to savour every little bite and caution restraint for the rest of the week.

Ideally you will be convincing yourself that holding on for one more day doesn’t mean that you are missing out.

8. Use extra virgin coconut oil

Another very effective method of beating sugar cravings is to simply add extra virgin coconut oil to your meals.

Not only does this kick start your metabolism to a notch higher, but you simply get to nourish your brain hence reducing those insane sugar cravings.

Get on with adding them to your smoothies, stir-fries, and other foods to see a major reduction in your cravings.

9. Sleep

Yes, you heard right go ahead and get in the habit of turning in early instead of chatting away through the night.

The grumpier you are the more sweets you are going to consume.

When tired, people have a way of reaching out for sugary foods in order to get a boost of energy.

Give yourself a definite time to be in bed and let others know.

In the long run, they will understand and you will not only save yourself from those unhealthy sugary treats but you will also have fairer skin.

10. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol

Having a night out with your friends and catching up over a drink might after all be doing you more damage than you officially thought.

This is also applied to coffee addicts who can’t go a few hours without having a fix.

Studies have shown that your body cannot efficiently utilize and absorb minerals due to dehydration caused by the two.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have a good time; it’s all about moderation.

11. Manage stress and emotions

To beat the sugar cravings, simply take a better look at your eating habits and in general how they are related to stress and emotions.

If you are stressed, find a better way to vent it out rather than turning to sweets for comfort.

Sometimes it can be impossible to avoid stress in this fast crazed world of ours but look for a way or do something to express emotions rather than chow bar after bar of chocolate ice cream that does you more harm than good.

12. Eat real meals

When we say real meals, we do not consider hamburgers, hot dogs and fries as real meals.

Eat meals that are well balanced in nutrients and that can actually give you satiety.

This includes a mix of protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbs.

Sugar cravings prove to be less intense and hence more manageable when you are full.

13. Take a nap

Yes, as weird as it might sound, getting some form of a short nap when you’re home on weekends actually does wonders.

Naturally this same principle applies to dieters who simply want to kick bad habits to the cup.

When these episodes occur and you actually crave for something sweet, start counting out loudly until it passes out.

If this does not work then take a short nap and you will wake up feeling better.

In the long run, you will learn to wait for the episodes to run out without necessarily napping.

14. Feast on fruits

Completely eliminating and keeping the cravings at bay can sometimes prove to be a very difficult task but there’s a solution, try getting alternates from healthier sources.

This means that you have to get into the habit of feasting on fruits more often than once in a while.

As difficult as it might be to initially add them in your daily diet, they provide the necessary nutritional value and are a healthier option.

Berries, grapes, and apples have proven to be a healthier way to take the edge off so make sure to include them on your weekly shopping list to beat that sugar craving for good.

15. Commit yourself

Sometimes, trying every trick in the book might not necessarily work without commitment.

Beating that sugar craving once and for all ideally depends on how committed you are.

Commit and recommit yourself every other day until you have beat it hands down and are proud of yourself.

Do this more often until it becomes a habit and you can watch your mates having a treat without feeling sorry for yourself.

Have you managed to beat your sugar cravings or are you struggling with it? Let us know what works for you and what makes it difficult for you to reduce your intake of sugary unhealthy foods…