How to sell a parking lot that is included in a mortgage loan?

If you bought an apartment with your parking using a mortgage, you may have the option to sell the second, if you have already paid the full amount. Here’s how to sell a parking lot that is included in a mortgage.

In order for you to understand the logic of the strategy below, you must first remember how your mortgage works. This is a prize, provided by a financial institution, which is allowing you to purchase in monthly installments your apartment and parking. These are the last few real estate in turn, working as a guarantor of you paid through the figure of a mortgage.

From the foregoing, while parking and part of the mortgage guarantee, it is impossible that you can sell the same. Then, the following strategy begins by releasing the parking lot from its pre-test endorsement condition.

Steps to sell a parking lot that is included in a mortgage

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Before indicating the following steps, I should make it clear that this strategy is valid only when it has been canceled at the very end. In any case, the remaining debt must be of such magnitude that it can be guaranteed exclusively with the apartment.

If this condition is met, then the following steps are as follows:

1.- Request a purchase of debt mortgage.

1.- Request a purchase of debt mortgage.

There is a request to buy a mortgage from a different institution than the one that provided the original credit, the one with the same bank can not change the credit conditions. Remember to do it specifying that you will place as a guarantee only the apartment.

Once the purchase of a debt is made on the weekly terms, parking will not be guaranteed as a guarantee. And for that reason, you will have the freedom to sell it to which you are interested.

2.- Regularize the situation of the parking.

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The second step you have to make before selling the parking lot is to settle the documents in the same way. In fact, it is clear that this is a good thing and you are free to record, and so you can sell it.

Among the documents you need to update is the real estate registration certificate, which you can do in Sunarp.

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