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Until the end of the year, you have the chance to take out a cash loan on very attractive terms. Economists warn that already at the end of December the interest rates of the National Bank of Poland may rise. Everything, of course, depends on the decision of the Monetary Policy Council, however, observing the market, it can be seen that the moment is slowly approaching when the prices of goods and services will be steadily rising instead of decreasing. The end of deflation will surely affect all borrowers, changes in debt conditions can be significant. If you want to pay less for your account than it will be necessary in a few months, don’t hesitate and choose the cheapest loan or loan right now.

Cheap credit before the holiday season

Cheap credit before the holiday season

November and December is an extremely difficult period when there are so many additional expenses that it is difficult to cope with having only a monthly payment. You can get a loan even in one day, especially if you decide to complete the online application and save the time that would be necessary if you visit the bank branch in person.

Low nominal interest does not always mean a low total cost of a loan or credit.

Low nominal interest does not always mean a low total cost of a <a href=loan or credit.” />

When applying for a loan, it is much more beneficial to pay attention to the actual annual interest rate. It’s a reliable way to learn about the most valuable financial products on the market. We recommend you the ranking published on our website. You don’t have to worry about any fees, comparing services is completely free and available to all users. You will quickly find out what are the characteristics of individual debts and whether there are promotional services with temporary preferential conditions.

A loan for any purpose – We recommend

A loan for any purpose - We recommend

Alior Bank’s offer is the best solution both for people who intend to take advantage of a small loan and a much larger amount. The bank offers up to PLN 150,000.00 without the necessity to insure its debt or guarantors.

To reduce the cost of your monthly installment, you can choose a really long loan period, up to 120 months. With the selection of more installments, you can be sure that by determining your creditworthiness, the bank will be able to give you more debt. It will also be important that your monthly installment will be much lower.

A 5.00% loan with a guarantee is also an excellent financial product if you plan to pay back the entire debt within just a few months. The Bank offers its customers a promotion thanks to which all borrowers who pay their liabilities within the institution within 6 months will receive a refund of interest paid. It’s a way to almost completely eliminate all additional fees and save a considerable amount of money.

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